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We provide services at the highest professional level. Our objective is to build long-term working relationships with our clients. We motivate our working team to improve their professionalism and quality of performance.
Svatopluk Fröhlich a Jaroslav Vasilev
executives of S com s.r.o.

about us

Our team of motivated professionals is prepared to work toward achieving your goals in building telecommunication systems, information systems, safety systems and other construction-related activities.


S com started as a licensed trade company in February 1992. It drew on the experience of the founder of the company, Svatopluk Fröhlich, who at the time had already been building telecommunication projects, designing, and installing interior communications for fifteen years. In 1993, the company’s team grew to twenty experienced workers, whose primary activities included building computer networks and installing phone exchanges. In the following period, the company designed local telephone networks for Český Telecom, installed Systimax and RiT structured cabling, and in 1998 became S com s.r.o. A breakthrough in the activities of the company came with their specialization in optical networks in 2000, and with the expansion of their activities through the laying of cable networks and the introduction of optical microcable technology and microtubing. Their specialization was topped off by engineering and designing in capital construction.

In 2008, the company increased their capital stock to CZK 2 million for the second time, and Jaroslav Vasilev became a partner of Svatopluk Fröhlich. Since 2015, the building of optical networks has been extended to include railway construction and other transport-related construction.

professional qualification

We are holders of the following quality certificates:

ISO 27001:2013 design, construction, maintenance and servicing of optical networks, including linear constructions
ISO 9001:2001 quality management system
ISO 14001:2005 environmental management system
OHSAS 18001:2008 occupational health and safety system
ISO 10006:2003 organization design management system

Authorization of the National Security Agency (NBÚ)  for handling classified information of the CONFIDENTIAL category

association activities

Member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic
Founding member of the Czech Telecommunications Associationi
Member of the Czech Science-Technical Association of Telecommunications
Member of the Czech and Slovak Association for Photonics


2016/17 annual report

2015/16 annual report
2014/15 annual report
2013/14 annual report



our offer

We disentangle communication nodes by means of comprehensive solutions. Both in the sense of interconnected technologies and in the sense of a key-ready construction: from consulting, designing, arranging necessary permits, providing supply, and construction and installation, up to service in long-term operation.

optical networks

We focus on access and backbone networks. Our added value is expertise in establishing networks in urban areas, protected areas and where such activities require complex organizational measures and permissions.

  • We supply key-ready building of optical networks
  • Studies of requirements and local surveys
  • Project for zoning decision
  • Negotiating with state administration authorities and administrators of utility networks
  • Negotiating easements with property owners
  • Arranging a zoning decision
  • Detailed design
  • Adopting transport-engineering measures
  • Ensuring necessary agreements and permits for start of construction
  • Excavation and laying of telecommunication routes
  • Compacting tests
  • Geodetic survey
  • Construction hand-over and discharge of contracts
  • Making cable ducts in buildings, collectors or subways
  • Blowing optical cables, microcables or microtubes into HDPE
  • Performing installation of passive optical elements, optical cables
  • Welds on optical fibres in optical ducts, termination of cables in switchboards
  • Measuring cables and elaborating test reports
  • Geodetic surveys
  • Creating as-built documentation
  • Servicing and operating measurements of optical fibres

Line constructions

Excavations and laying telecommunication networks and electrical grids

  • We perform key-ready construction of networks
  • Studies, designs for zoning permits
  • Negotiations with authorities, arranging permits
  • Negotiating easements with property owners
  • Arranging zoning permits
  • Detailed design
  • Design of transport-engineering measuresc
  • Excavation and laying of line routes
  • Geodetic survey
  • Surface treatments, asphalt laying, paving, grassing

Information systems

As a general construction contractor we provide the following

  • LAN
    • Structured cabling
    • Buckup UPS
  • Server rooms – comprehensive solutions
    • Design of server room, including related facilities
    • Fire protection, fire extinguishing
    • Cooling and air-conditioning
    • Power supply and back-up power supply
    • Connectivity to suppliers
    • Physical, personal and software safety measures
    • Links to LAN, VAN and WLAN
  • Inside and outside wireless networks
    • Selecting a suitable technology and its implementation into existing environment
    • Design
    • Arranging permits for construction
    • Supply, assembly and commissioning
    • Regular and emergency service

Security systems

As a general contractor of construction we provide the following:

  • Smart buildings
  • Electrical security signalization
  • Electrical fire signalization
  • Camera systems
  • Access control systems
  • Measurement and regulation
  • Sound distribution systems, fire broadcasting


Since 1992, we have implemented a wide range of small to really large contracts, and we have always adapted to the specific requirements of a project.

historical achievements

We only mention here an overview of important regular and long-term customers or major and renowned companies.

  • T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.
    T-Systems Czech Republic a.s, T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s., GTS Czech s.r.o.
  • Dial Telecom, a.s.
  • AŽD Praha s.r.o.
  • PREdistribuce, a.s.
  • ČD – Telematika a.s.
  • Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty


S com s.r.o. – company headquarters
Františka Diviše 1534/5
104 00 Praha 10, Uhříněves
Česká republika

IČ: 25668901
DIČ: CZ25668901
Datová schránka: 9pbsbx3

Tel: +420 257 090 311
GSM: +420 603 422 551

S com SK s.r.o.
Na pántoch 22
831 06 Bratislava 35

IČ: 50630725
DIČ: 2120401998
DIČ DPH: SK2120401998

Tel: +421 904 662 568

IČ: 25668901
DIČ: CZ25668901
Datová schránka: 5jvh9w

company management

executive direktor
Ing. Svatopluk Fröhlich
+420 257 090 321
+420 603 422 551

business and executive director
Jaroslav Vasilev
+420 257 090 346
+420 603 570 907

Petra Šandová
+420 257 090 322
+420 778 751 491

assistant, wages officer
Michaela Rožnovská
+420 257 090 311
+420 777 359 597

sales department

business manager
Ing. Michal Farárik
+420 257 090 347
+420 774 556 708

sales manager
Ing. Jaroslav Trnka
+420 257 090 348
+420 603 256 144

sales manager
Ing. Miloš Sequens
+420 257 090 365
+420 602 231 733

assistant department manager sales
Jana Bajáková
+420 257 090 364
+420 773 777 320

branch office

Branch office Nitra
Sladkovičova 2
949 01 Nitra

sales manager (Slovakia)
Ing. Ján Melicherčík
+421 904 662 568


designer (Slovakia)
Gabriel Drab
+421 903 719 491

designer (Slovakia)
Miroslav Fabián
+421 903720221

technical enginnering (Slovakia)
Antónia Vetráková
+421 910 164 769

implementation centre

technical director
Petr Vašíček
+420 257 090 330
+420 724 631 227

assembly department

head of assembly department
Lukáš Hurych
+420 257 090 338
+420 604 200 745

operating engineer
Michal Kocvelda
+420 257 090 344
+420 603 574 197

operating engineer
Jiří Michal
+420 257 090 337
+420 604 299 958

operating engineer
Alexadr Novotný
+420 257 090 345
+420 773 751 995

operating engineer
Vladimír Kouba
+420 257 090 349
+420 778 749 969

operating engineer
Michael Šindelář
+420 257 090 351
+420 608 954 511

operating engineer
Jan Tomšů
+420 257 090 341
+420 777 958 588

Plzeň facility

operating engineer (Plzeň)
Václav Moule
+420 724 325 112

logistics department

logistics manager
Milan Sedláček
+420 257 090 332
+420 775 107 304

logistics manager
Mária Šubjaková
+420 257 090 335
+420 778 434 545

designing department

technical enginnering
Jana Gálová

+420 257 090 350
+420 733 164 506

technical enginnering
Jiřina Tomanová

+420 257 090 350
+420 736 517 683


S com is continuously looking for new professionals. In particular, for the following current vacant positions: electronic communications assemblyman, operating engineer, building site manager, designer of telecommunication networks.

current vacancies

Job description:


  • Preparation and management of contracts in the area of telecommunications
  • Assigning work to assemblymen and monitoring the work
  • Administration
  • Dealing with investors and customers

We request:

  • Secondary education with specialization in electrical systems – telecommunications
  • Decree 50/78 Coll.
  • Group B driving licence
  • Work on PC (Word, Excel, AutoCad, Bentley PowerDraft)
  • Independent and active approach to work
  • Good communication skills
  • Teamwork ability
  • No criminal record
  • Time flexibility

We offer:

  • Full-time job
  • Corresponding remuneration
  • Company car
  • Commencement possible from: immediately

Basic work activities, inside environment:

  • Installation of cable ducts (troughs, trays, shelves, etc.) and related work (drilling and making holes in walls, cleaning, fire protection coatings)
  • Installation of cables into prepared ducts (metallic data cables, optical cables)
  • Termination of cables in switchboards, connecting data sockets
  • Basic electrical work – connecting 230V sockets, 230V connecting lines for switchboards, grounding of switchboards
  • Basic work activities, outside environment:
  • Preparation of tubes, microtubes and optical cables for blowing, including transport
  • Preparation of cable blowing equipment (CableJet, compressor, support structures for microtubes and cables) and its maintenance after completion of work
  • Detecting – excavating problematic points in the field in the case of a problem with cable blowing
  • Feeding the medium to be blown into the blowing equipment
  • Withdrawing the blown-in medium at the place of blowing out, looping

Advanced work activities, optics:

  • Coupling of optical cables with focus on error-free distribution of fibres, quality and speed
  • Termination of optical cables in switchboards, adaptation of cabling in switchboards Description and simple documentation of performed work
  • Measuring optical fibres, including creating test reports


  • Inside work is carried out on construction sites before completion, as well as in buildings, collectors and subways
  • Outside work is carried out predominantly in open terrain

Designer’s work activities:

  • designing activities related to construction and reconstruction of telecommunication networks
  • designing cable routes, placing individual network components
  • method of connection – metallic or optical cables
  • preparation of documentation for zoning and building procedures, processing of technical and design documentation of telecommunication networks
  • communication with engineers and designers

We require:

  • secondary education with specialization in electrical systems – telecommunications
  • several years of experience in the field of designing telecommunication networks
  • Decree 50/78 Coll.
  • Group B driving licence
  • Work with designing graphic map SW (Autocad, MicroStation)
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Office
  • Orientation in the area of telecommunications and in technical documentation
  • Independent and active approach to work
  • Good communication skills and teamwork ability
  • No criminal record
  • Time flexibility

We offer:

  • Full-time job
  • Corresponding remuneration
  • Varied work in a stable company
  • Flexible work hours
  • Commencement possible from: immediately

Working environment:

  • Mainly office work with surveys to a given contract
    Inside work is carried out on construction sites before completion, as well as in buildings, collectors and subways
  • Outside work is carried out predominantly in open terrain


  • Work throughout the Czech Republic – mostly in the region of Prague